Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vintage Baby!

Anything with a hood hinged anywhere but the "conventional" modern under the windshield location will automatically catch my attention. I will admit that among cars that fall into this category, the vintage cars are my favorite.

While their function is the same as modern vehicles, these older autos have curves, lines, character. They seem to spring back to a life of their own when fired up and lets be honest, they turn everyones head. They usually smell like history, even long after they have been reupholstered.

The folks who drive them are relentlessly loyal to their expensive hobby and generally love their cars almost as much as life itself. They share their character, their history. They know every nut and bolt, every knock and sweet spot.

Vintage cars inspire a culture all their own, with countless clubs, groups and friends lending one another expertise and anecdotes.

These cars are more than just transportation, they are a lifestyle. Just ask the group of owners who would faithfully meeting with their cars at the little dive diner in Tucson every Sunday for their regular gear headed chat. Rain or shine, these cars are a part of their lives, a part of their hearts. I do not believe they could imagine life or history without them.

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