Thursday, March 29, 2007

En Pointe in Purple

A dancers feet are like a painters brush. Her strokes across the stage move her audience and evoke strong emotions. Angular and precise, more work goes into her craft than she shows. Each movement, each position carefully calculated, rehearsed and executed. The symbolism behind her every movement and the carefully choreographed steps help to paint a clear and fantastic image for the observers who are lucky enough to witness this living art.

She carefully wraps her toes in lambs wool and foam to absorb shock and pressure. Delicately, she slips the well worn pointe shoes onto her feet. They conform to her skin. The shoes wear quickly and are often replaced. She has done this hundreds of times before.

Artfully, she laces them past her ankles and ties the satin ribbons- the ends carefully hidden on the inside of the ankle under the ribbons. She stretches, takes fifth position and gracefully rises into releve.

The grind of loose pavement giving to the hard toe boxes and aged satin is heard. She arches her feet carefully and positions her arms. Her full height extends as she stretches and adjusts her posture.


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