Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Paul + Carrie- Wedding Preview

Let me first say that 2008 was an INCREDIBLE year for us here at RedFeather Photography. Thank you everyone for your love and support! We had a great time working with so many awesome people this year- I can not believe just how blessed we are! Every single person who we work with, who views our images, who reads the blog or just thinks good thoughts for us has made this year one of the best ever!

That being said, I couldn't let 2008 end without just one last wedding.

Carrie and Paul. Wow. These two are fun, vibrant, oh-so-silly, and crazy in love. I know I have said it before, but I love love. Seriously. Love.

Carrie and Paul were sealed in the Mesa Temple on the 30th...a very busy Tuesday. The day before we went out in the afternoon to do some fun portraits with them and get some of the photos done in the beautiful afternoon light.

Their images speak for themselves. These two are incredible. Carrie looked beautiful, and Paul cleaned up nicely too. We got some really incredible images- these two were so fun to work with (and their families are sweeter than sugar too!).

I got a new toy from Kirk for Christmas I just had to play with. I have to say, I like it. I can now add pretty stars and other shapes to some shots, and some really cool, crazy, unpredictable selective focus. This image was created with a lensbaby lens, and a creative aperture kit which when given to me for Christmas garnered another "Merry Christmas, now what is it exactly?" from my wonderful mother in law (my favorite kind of gifts are the ones I have to explain...hehe).

Paul and Carrie are the authority in silly faces. Seriously, they have lots of them and they are all awesome and hilarious. See?

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C...and there is more from their engagement session too...

Of course, there are many wonderful men in Carrie's life (lucky girl!). Her brothers are a riot!

The little girls in the family were the very definition of adorable. Just their shoes alone will make you melt. See?

Her friends are pretty fun too...

It was amazingly wonderful to work with such a great bunch of people there to support such a wonderful couple. Truly beautiful.

Don't you dare think of going anywhere before seeing their slideshow. They had too many great previews to cram into a flimsy little blog post. You'll be sad if you miss them.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby Calla!

You may recall April and Duane's maternity session back in October. Their little one is finally here! Shes an absolute angel, and so incredibly beautiful that you would swear the angel wings are real.

I got a chance to meet her last night. I am so very happy for April and Duane and their family! What a sweet little lady!

As a photographer, I am so grateful to have friends like April and Duane who let me play and be creative. It absolutely makes my day. I was up until 2am editing because I just. could. not. stop.

Can ya blame me? Yeah, I thought not.

We used the same butterflies and flowers from the maternity session!

Calla has so much hair! So pretty!

This hat was so big on her! Adorable.

Look what a little sweetheart she is! She was so good. She didn't get upset even once, even with all of our harassing and photo taking.

And of course, my absolute favorite. I had these wings custom made a while ago, but it seems no one wants photos of baby boys in fairy wings...but they are beautiful on Calla!

She's so sweet! Check out her slide show:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Color and Light

I am insanely happy for no particular reason at all, which is a beautiful way to feel.

I could see my breath as I hauled my gear into the car. I giggled as I shivered because I kinda like chilly mornings.

I spent a morning with friends in the garden and clickity flashed my way through the first part of my day. There was an afternoon nap (needed it I swear!), there was watching my Kirk help hang my mom's Christmas lights.

There was editing. There were new actions. There was joy. There was a day overflowing with happiness. There was a Costco trip and a kid movie.

There was color and light.

I hope your day was happy too. While we are on the subject of happy- go check out the color and light at the botanical gardens right now. It will make you happy too.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Woohoo! New Mailing List!

Didja know we have a mailing list?

Yup, we do now. Chances are if you worked with us recently, you have been added to it. If for some screwy reason you are not on our list, and you would like to be, you can get on it by filling out the form here (coincidentally, it also puts you on Santa's "nice" list!).

We don't send stuff very often (once a month or less), but it lets you stay in the know about some cool friends and family only freebies and dealies, the latest and super greatest, and other occasional nifties.

Its all very exciting.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Can Weather Any Storm

Or at least ward it off. When Susan asked me to do a quick family session on Sunday, since they would be in town...I was really excited! That excitement turned to worry when the weatherman ominously forecasted rain, chilly temperatures and quite possibly the end of my eternal summer I had been enjoying.


Other family complications stepped in and we wondered if the whole family would make it. Would it even matter if it rained?

Sunday arrived and chilly it was, but the rain had run for the hills by mid morning. Good. Heck, I could even see a couple of shadows by the time afternoon rolled around. Excellent!

We arrived at our location, and everyone made it! Even better? They had a fire going in the fire pits! Kirk was feeling pretty sorry he wore shorts ("Oh its not too bad honey" my butt!) and was quite relieved to find this happy fortune I think.

I photographed the coolest family in Coolidge. Seriously, can't you just see the awesome?

This. All the time. Awesome.

Don't play with fire ok kids? You will either get hurt, or get yelled at by an old man, or both.

I felt like Christmas music for this one...just not normal Christmas music. It fit. It made me smile.