Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Can Weather Any Storm

Or at least ward it off. When Susan asked me to do a quick family session on Sunday, since they would be in town...I was really excited! That excitement turned to worry when the weatherman ominously forecasted rain, chilly temperatures and quite possibly the end of my eternal summer I had been enjoying.


Other family complications stepped in and we wondered if the whole family would make it. Would it even matter if it rained?

Sunday arrived and chilly it was, but the rain had run for the hills by mid morning. Good. Heck, I could even see a couple of shadows by the time afternoon rolled around. Excellent!

We arrived at our location, and everyone made it! Even better? They had a fire going in the fire pits! Kirk was feeling pretty sorry he wore shorts ("Oh its not too bad honey" my butt!) and was quite relieved to find this happy fortune I think.

I photographed the coolest family in Coolidge. Seriously, can't you just see the awesome?

This. All the time. Awesome.

Don't play with fire ok kids? You will either get hurt, or get yelled at by an old man, or both.

I felt like Christmas music for this one...just not normal Christmas music. It fit. It made me smile.


Brittany Kristin Calkins said...

I'm in love! Could the kids be any taller!!! Clayton and Clancey should be locked away from all girls! Carley is almost as tall as Susan and I am as tall as Susan!Chainey is my little stud! AW!

These are great photos!

cathemer clan said...

You are the cameramaster!!! I love the song! You made rainbows out of our little mudpies

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

how in the world did I miss this! Susan and the whole fam looks wonderful!

seriously, stop feeding the boys! they will shrivel back to little boys probably!