Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Britani + Adis Wedding Preview

As you may recall from their engagement session...these guys do a lot of kissing. If you are scared of expressions of love etc etc etc, run away now! If not, try to keep up as we take a quick peek into the big day of one of the sweetest couples I know.

I have to say, these two are amazing. I feel like I have known them forever. They have been together since highschool and are so incredibly devoted to one another- its just incredible to be around them.

Britani and Adis were married last week at a sweet little waterfront Scottsdale restaurant surrounded by close friends and family. I was lucky enough to be there to capture every moment. It was beautiful!

I can not believe how Adis makes Britani laugh...its incredible. Here, he had been admonished by the judge for jumping the gun on his vows. I don't think I have ever seen a groom this enthusiastic about marrying the love of his life.
You know, if you look around you, you can find all sorts of interesting things. This wall for example...is Chipotle. Aside from tasty burritos, they usually have some kind of cool texture somewhere that I can borrow. There just happened to be a Chipotle in the same parking lot as the resturuant.... awesome!

Britani and Adis had such a unique cake! Folds of fondant covered it and gave the appearance that the cake was draped in striped satin! Absolutely gorgeous.

The downside with a very personal wedding at a smaller venue is the limitations of settings for portraits. This is easily solved by doing seperate bridals. Additionally this means guest aren't stuck waiting for a long time for the bride and groom after the ceremony to get their portraits done. We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at the garden, enjoying the warm light and last few days of the glass exhibit. I admit, I am going to cry when it leaves next week.

Despite the garden being very crowded, we found plenty of great areas to escape the crowds.

Britani's something blue. If I were not addicted to shoe photos, I might have missed it. Such a creative touch!

Britani and Adis's bridals were also the inagural shoot for the new 5D Mark II (affectionately named Jimmy). I have to say it is so nice! Photogs, if you are on the fence on getting one...get off it and go get it already!

On a personal note, I love weddings where I start with clients and end with new friends. I am so fortunate to be able to do something I love that lets me meet all sorts of wonderful people. I am greatful every day for the opportunity.

Their slideshow is absolutely worth watching. There were soooo many images I could not put into the post itself that made it into the slide show.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grab a cup of tea and lets catch up a little!

Last night I went to go visit with Kirk's cousin Jennifer and her daughter Jocie and son Harrison (they are awesome and hilarious and if you give Jocie a cupcake she gets frosting everywhere- including her eye lashes!). Dragged along a camera and a light because well...last time I photographed her son Harrison, he was tiny and in a bucket and why not?

Fathers day is coming up. Dads like pictures just as much as moms do!

Sadly my bulb in my soft box finally bit the dust like 10 shots in (and working with a kid under one and a three year old means only so many of those shots were viable) but before it did, I managed to catch this gem:

Harrison would giggle and be smiley right until the camera was up to my face...and then do this. What a face! I absolutely love it. The boy can pout!

He's usually such a happy little guy so the sourpuss face was definately far from the norm for him. I promise I was not pinching him (regardless of what his sister tells you...shes three remember?) or otherwise annoying the baby. Its just tough to be a little guy having a photo taken. All the same, I love visiting with these guys- they are so much fun!

On a completely different note- I admit I have been holding out on you guys. I have a beautiful wedding to show you from last weekend...but we are holding off until we do their off site shoot on Sunday. I swear, its like keeping a juicy secret and its killing me.

In other news Kirk is leaving tomorrow for the Indianapolis 500 with the men in his family and will be gone until Tuesday. They go every year and something awesome always happens. Last year it was a private tour of AG racing with one of their head engineers. This year? Who knows.

Hopefully he will have LOTS of great photos to share when he gets back, and maybe I can coerce him into guest blogging (because you know you want to see fast cars and photos of whatever cool stuff happens in the midwest). Hes taking a point and shoot since the stands are so packed and I won't let him take the 5D or the 5D Mark II, but previous years have not dissapointed.

While Kirk is gone I am going to shoot, edit, work on the website and be otherwise productive...(having the girls over for chocolate cupcakes and chick flicks is productive right?) so it should be a very positive and enjoyable holiday weekend. I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's coming...

Go ahead and drool. I will wait....


Are you sure?.....

I have been waiting and hmming and hawwwing since well...before I bought the original 5D ages ago. Kirk made me do it- I swear (he always makes me do the things that my fathers voice in my head tells me not to do...the man could make a nickle scream). The 5D Mark II is officially joining our happy little family. I am going to have to tip the UPS guy reeaaallly well during the holidays this year.

For you non photographers...I think even you can appreciate this beauty (or I am delusional- both work for me!). The stats on the new hotness can be found here: DP Review

What does this mean for my clients? Ginormous images (ever wanted a bigger than life poster of yourself?), AMAZING colors, beautiful low light shots, and more amazing images. Oh. And it does video. Its just nifty like that. I think we shall name it Jimmy.

I am one happy Kate.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vanessa + Erik Wedding Previews

Its been an insane week here for us! I thought I was never going to get these posted! One computer nightmare after another left me pretty much editing software-less...and then it would not save all of my hard work! Lucky for me, Kirk is a genius. And a nerd. A nerd genius. Good lord I love that man! He fixes everything.

Over the weekend, Vanessa and Erik were sealed in the Mesa Temple. I am absolutely delighted for them! While their initial plans to get hitched back in February did not work out as planned it was a beautiful day at the temple. We could not have asked to work with nicer weather or people! As you can see, their family and friends were really fun!

We had a little fun with the wedding party. The next shot in this series, most people's underpants are showing...oops.

Vanessa chose an AMAZING dress. Even Kirk commented on it (that never happens...hes so blasé about weddings usually)! A lot of their images called for wide angles and vintage styling because of the classic dress and amazing french blue details they chose. Just gorgeous!

Lots of fun, grungy textures for these shots just fit right in! I love when that happens!

We did un-shoe shots for these two. Vanessa found really awesome shoes to wear, but they hurt her feet. Who says shoes need feet?

And whats better than a beautiful day at the temple, with a beautiful couple and a beautiful dress? An intimate back yard reception! It was such a nice evening for family and friends to gather and celebrate out doors! They had the whole yard beautifully set up!

Gotta love wedding duckies!!!

Some of their friends had a very impressive gave of hands free catch going on with their custom m&m's...it was too funny! It was really fun to watch their family and friends really enjoy themselves. Just about everyone kicked off their heels and danced the night away.

And they lived happily ever after....

Vanessa and Erik, we sincerely wish you both love and happiness and the best of luck with everything! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

Their slide show has a few more images not included in the post, so be sure to check it out!