Tuesday, May 5, 2009

San Diego, Kansas City and Catch-Up...

Its been a while since I posted to the blog! Its hard some days when everything and anything demands your attention. Since I have a few moments (or hours) until my editing software decides its going to work (my computer has gremlins that Kirk has not chased away lately...mysterious missing emails, little photoshop horrors, etc) I have a few moments to chat!

So, here's a quick catch up of what you might have missed!

As you might recall, at the end of March we took a little family vacation and dragged my mom out to San Diego (because we love her and she is awesome). My sister joined us as well because well, shes not one to turn down a free trip and she had not seen us since she moved to Los Angeles to get famous and stuff in January. I still owed you photos...so here they finally are!

We did the zoo, the beach, Scripps Aquarium, Sea World and balboa park. Sang loudly and off key in the back of the car. Drank waaay too much starbucks. Ate at Point Loma Seafood (yummmmm!). Stayed up late. Jumped on the bed. Petted dolphins. Named baby seals. Took insanely embarrassing self portraits. You know...all the fun stuff.

Here is a quick highlight reel without camera shy Kirk and mom pictured (since they might kill me).

I am hoping to hit LA for another round of sister time in July for my birthday (Disneyland heck yeah! Were going to go on Space Mountain a hundred times!). Sarah is also coming home over Memorial Day while Kirk is in Indy! I can't wait! I miss her like crazy!

I also spent some more time in April Kansas City photographing k9 closet super models and products and the like. Its beautiful out there right now. Everything is blooming and as the temperature climbs I wish I could teleport myself there more and more. I really like visiting Heidi and Blake. Mirabella went with me for this trip and she agrees, its nice when the fountains are on and flowers are blooming. She also thinks that having to be in a crate for any length of time is not nice in case you were wondering.

Aside from that its been busy busy busy! Photo work, volunteer work, work work, discs going out right and left. I have some super awesome sessions coming up that I am so excited for. Trying to spend time out doors while the weather is nice. Spending stupid amounts of time/money with the vet because problems come in threes. Working on our house (spring cleaning is not my idea of fun), and the yard, and an endless slew of stuff to get done.

Hope all is well with everyone else as well! I have some great wedding images from this weekend coming up as soon as my software decides to cooperate. Lets all keep our fingers crossed!

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