Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weathering the Storm

I have to admit, there are very few times I like the weather here in AZ. Its generally miserably hot and the light can be incredibly harsh- leaving folks to book shoots at 6am half the year.

But during the monsoon season, the weather becomes a bit less harsh and a lot more surprising. We get a reprieve from the heat- and down comes the rain.

The rain out here is not quite like what the rest of the country thinks it is. Its sporadic and unpredictable. I have seen a large storm miss whole sides of the valley, and I have seen one side of a road be drenched, and the other bone dry.

Cooling and life giving, we spend most of the year begging for the rain. And when we get it, its a beautiful thing!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Temple weddings have become a big staple in our business- primarily because we love them! We lucked out last week, when Ashley and Garth got out of their sealing right at golden hour! The grounds were really quiet, especially for a Friday, and everything was illuminated with the last rich rays of the day.

There are certain moments of the day when the Mesa temple exceeds the beauty of all the others. Granted, its design is very simple next to the greats like Salt Lake or San Diego...but when that light hits it just right, its pure magic! Each architectural element from the intricate brick work to the paned windows transforms into something rich and decadent.

What a beautiful evening for a temple wedding- and for a stroll at on the temple grounds.