Friday, February 27, 2009

I Am In Geeky Love......

...and I don't care who knows it.

Every now and then, I blog about something completely unrelated to photography. This is one of those posts.

Swarovski just came out with their "Active Crystal Collection" and I have fallen in love.

Many of you who know me well, know my mother gifted me with a piece of jewelery from Swarovski over the holidays that I had been eyeing for a couple of years- and I wear it 4-7 days a week. Its a little red heart encrusted in red crystals on a simple cord. Classic! It looks like this:

Well this new piece makes my geeky little heart go pitter patter thud thud in the same way with a geeky twist.

Yep. Its a geeky little modern day locket of sorts. I could fill it with my favorite images and carry it with me always (Just probably not the 1000 they advertise for- at least not with what I shoot with...). Or some music that inspires me. Or some cryptic binary message. Or whatever. When put together its so classic and unassuming....then it transforms into a USB drive with endless delicious nerdy possibilities.

The cost of this little nerdy trinket ($180...ouchie) is more than I can justify in this economy for something shiny (and boy is it shiny!!!) but I love it all the same.

If you share my love for all things shiny and geeky and just can't resist, I will load your favorite engagement/wedding/baby photos on it for you and I won't tell anyone- it will be our geeky little secret!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Emily + John - Wedding Previews

Emily and John were sealed in the Mesa Temple on Saturday. It was an incredible day- unseasonably warm and the grounds were the most beautiful I have seen them in years. The color and all of the flowers were amazing!

These two are just incredibly beautiful together. I had a blast working with them at the Temple and then joining them for their reception up at Desert Highlands Country Club.

This was one of those weddings I just could not stop editing grab a comfy chair and a snack, this is a big preview.

Their family is FULL of shutterbugs- and I can see why- aren't they great subjects?

They just kinda naturally did this while was so sweet. John lifted her train to carry behind her and she naturally just wrapped her arm around his waist. They just fit together.

Look out GQ! These guys....oh man!!

Her flowers were so incredibly beautiful. That said, the ring steals the show.

This is the shoe shot you are going to get for this one. Its accurate. Poor Emily- those shoes killed her poor feet and so they spent a lot of time in the grass. As much as I LOVE wedding shoes, I 100% whole heartedly agree with barefoot brides.

Emily told me she chose her dress because it made her think of something her grandmother might have worn. It was so classy and elegant and intricately detailed. Beautiful!

You can just tell by the way they look at each other...he is totally her prince charming. Incredibly sweet.

Prince charming accidentally got the train of Emily's dress slightly damp. No harm, no foul but it was worth a giggle. She was a good sport and laughed it off.

I think they would have stayed like this if I had let them. Gotta get down and into the cool grass in wedding wear- when else will you ever get the chance?

I love the sun peeking in behind John's shoulder in this image. We didn't have too much light left but what we had was gorgeous.

Their reception was lovely. The cake was gorgeous too! It was a beautiful evening and it was nice to see them with all of their family and friends. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Congratulations guys- thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day!

As always, feel free to click the images to see them larger and don't miss the slide show! The music is a little slower than normal, but it just fit so perfectly. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Come Celebrate Spring with RedFeather Photography!

The weather is incredible. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the butterflies are fluttering. It's spring in good old AZ- time to celebrate!

Spend a day with us at the Desert Botanical Garden on March 14th at 9am. Come stroll with us as we enjoy the beautiful glass artwork of Dale Chihuly, the live butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion, and the incredible wildflowers taking the garden by storm!

If you have not been to the garden in a while, this is an INCREDIBLE opportunity. They have just added a new entrance garden, two new major exhibit renovations were completed a short time ago, and they currently house the world renowned "Chihuly: The Nature of Glass" exhibition. It's a pretty hoppin' place. Because there is so much going on at the garden, you will need to make a reservation in advance in order to reserve your place. You can do so here.

Please drop us a line or leave a note and let us know you are coming too, so we know to expect you!

Bring your family, friends, and your camera to capture the beautiful day (don't worry, we will help! :) ). Its going to be a blast!

Happy Spring!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time flies when you'

I was casually reminded by a blog that links to mine that I have not posted in three weeks. Wow, thats quite a long time. Oops.

I promise I am not dead, nor have I run away to Paris, or anything exciting like that.

I am just busy. Working.

On what might you ask? The best answer to that is "stuff".

Coming up, we have a new super exciting website (heck yeah! Just have to decide if I want to add music to it/ figure out how to license some cool music...and finish the galleries) which has been a bit of work, a couple different destination shoots I am working on the planning kinks for, lots and lots of editing and more. Weddings and sessions on the weekends, family junk, and puppy snuggles. Exciting stuff.

Since I really have very little useful to say today, I will leave you with a video from Kate Micucci, who you may have seen on Scrubs lately (<3) or maybe in the new movie "Bart Got a Room" which should be out someplace near you soon...(further proof that naming your kid Kate will mean they will grow up to be awesome). Shes multi-talented and fabulous. I get hours of laughter and happy from her music. Its awesome. Her art work is pretty awesome too.

Adorable and hilarious right? Told ya. If you are in LA you can apparently go see her sing songs and tell stories on the last Monday of each month. If you have the opportunity- go!