Friday, February 27, 2009

I Am In Geeky Love......

...and I don't care who knows it.

Every now and then, I blog about something completely unrelated to photography. This is one of those posts.

Swarovski just came out with their "Active Crystal Collection" and I have fallen in love.

Many of you who know me well, know my mother gifted me with a piece of jewelery from Swarovski over the holidays that I had been eyeing for a couple of years- and I wear it 4-7 days a week. Its a little red heart encrusted in red crystals on a simple cord. Classic! It looks like this:

Well this new piece makes my geeky little heart go pitter patter thud thud in the same way with a geeky twist.

Yep. Its a geeky little modern day locket of sorts. I could fill it with my favorite images and carry it with me always (Just probably not the 1000 they advertise for- at least not with what I shoot with...). Or some music that inspires me. Or some cryptic binary message. Or whatever. When put together its so classic and unassuming....then it transforms into a USB drive with endless delicious nerdy possibilities.

The cost of this little nerdy trinket ($180...ouchie) is more than I can justify in this economy for something shiny (and boy is it shiny!!!) but I love it all the same.

If you share my love for all things shiny and geeky and just can't resist, I will load your favorite engagement/wedding/baby photos on it for you and I won't tell anyone- it will be our geeky little secret!

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