Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time flies when you'

I was casually reminded by a blog that links to mine that I have not posted in three weeks. Wow, thats quite a long time. Oops.

I promise I am not dead, nor have I run away to Paris, or anything exciting like that.

I am just busy. Working.

On what might you ask? The best answer to that is "stuff".

Coming up, we have a new super exciting website (heck yeah! Just have to decide if I want to add music to it/ figure out how to license some cool music...and finish the galleries) which has been a bit of work, a couple different destination shoots I am working on the planning kinks for, lots and lots of editing and more. Weddings and sessions on the weekends, family junk, and puppy snuggles. Exciting stuff.

Since I really have very little useful to say today, I will leave you with a video from Kate Micucci, who you may have seen on Scrubs lately (<3) or maybe in the new movie "Bart Got a Room" which should be out someplace near you soon...(further proof that naming your kid Kate will mean they will grow up to be awesome). Shes multi-talented and fabulous. I get hours of laughter and happy from her music. Its awesome. Her art work is pretty awesome too.

Adorable and hilarious right? Told ya. If you are in LA you can apparently go see her sing songs and tell stories on the last Monday of each month. If you have the opportunity- go!

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