Monday, March 2, 2009

Count Down to Kansas City- Product Photography for!

This week is going to be one of those weeks where I barely sleep for sheer excitement. At the end of the week I will be hopping a plane (yay! I LOVE flying!) to The City of Fountains! Alright, its the mid west...or well...just the mid..but I am still excited!

Why am I so excited you may ask? I am visiting Kansas City to spend some time with my good friend Heidi of K9Closet to have some fun and do some product shots for her! She hired RedFeather Photography to help make sure her collars and awesome canine couture collections are presented as beautifully photographically as they are in person!

While I am not usually too keen on commercial product shots this is a little different. Heidi outfits my hounds (they are very fashionable little boogers) and we love her work! Not only that but shes about the sweetest person you will ever have the pleasure of talking to! We will be shooting full on campaigns with her own beautiful little models! Heidi has two gorgeous sphynx kitties, a sweet pug, two way to cute chihuahuas and a very special xolo dog. She has some great new products to launch so I am so excited to see how they are received!

I will be flying back out in April with Miss Mirabella, our 7lb Italian Greyhound to participate in the K9closet Fashion Show at the Kansas City Pet Expo (which I will be photographing)!

This is a recent shot of Mirabella done to promote Heidi's very popular (and incredibly classy) Jolie collection. They are GORGEOUS!!!

I am a little nervous about the weather for this first trip (its 90 degrees outside today here, and its hard to find warmer clothes in the Phoenix Area) and packing (always worried about forgetting stuff- doubly so when I have to pack a whole studio and take it with me!) but I am so excited to visit some place new!

I will be out of the office from Thursday night through Tuesday for this first trip. I might be a little slow to answer you via email and will have limited availability via telephone while I am out of town. Sorry about that. It will be worth it for cute puppy and kitten photos though!

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k9closetdotcom said...

Kate, you are amazing!
I had so much fun this weekend, and I cannot thank you enough! =)