Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Creative Rejuvenation with The Hunsaker Family

Every now and then I leave a session feeling completely and totally creatively rejuvenated. Most often this happens in a perfect storm...a client lets me play and experiment (often willing to try anything silly), its a beautiful location, we all click, we have a lot of fun. I go back to the office and just can't stop editing...singing the whole time (bring earplugs if you come for a will definitely know when I am feeling this way- the neighbors sure do!).

Since this was one of those sessions, its going to be a long post. Grab a snack, and the comfy chair, maybe your favorite spirit lifting music and hang on. As always click images to see bigger and don't forget to check out the slide show at the end. Its precious.

The cutie with the electric blue eyes? Yeah, that's Mr. Drake. Last time I saw him was at the Calkins wedding, when he was not much more than a big baby bump on poor Lonna. I will spare a rehash of her favorite photo demonstrating said point in Drakie's life but suffice to say she looks adorably uncomfortable in it.

Hes cute enough to knock you out, even without the baseball bat.

Of course, we know why Mr. Drake is cute. Just look at Mom and Dad. Lonna and Shane were high school sweethearts and believe me it still shows.
Just now there is another sweetheart in the middle!

What to do when the water is just a teensy bit chilly? Stand on mom of course! No secret I love shoe shots. When there are no shoes to be shot? Well...yeah.

I stole the baby for this one. Had to. The cuteness was killing me. Oh, and the baby was being pretty cute too!

Can't possibly guess that this kid is gonna like baseball when he gets bigger huh? The ball kept rolling away and Drake kept reaching. Finally someone gave him a hand.

I *almost* wasn't gonna do this one. Figured it would not look right with a little one. I have been wrong before but I could have been really wrong on this one. I am glad we decided to go for it. I love it!

Ah- possibly the most fun family pose ever. Drake gets his face making from his parents. Can ya tell?

We know who rules in this little family. Heck with a face like that this kid could rule the world. I had such an amazing time playing with the Hunsaker Family that I completely forgot that I was working.

Its days like this that I absolutely LOVE my job!

Check out the slideshow. There are a TON of images in it not in the post (too many!!!!) and its adorable.


Brittany Calkins said...

AHHHH I love these! Drake is so cute! Lonna and Shane are so perfect!

The Hunsaker Bunch said...

Oh. My. Gosh.... Kate- I knew you are amazing but seriously, these exceed everything I was expecting!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!:o) Haha I can't stop looking at them!

Haha and thanks Brit... but really, everything besides my son's cuteness was Kate's magic:o)