Monday, March 16, 2009

Making Faces with Parker

Little Parker is two months old. In two months- hes accomplished quite a lot. He is incredibly adorable, has mom and dad wrapped around his finger, and makes hilarious faces. He has favorites. He has a doggie friend. He is a broncos fan. He has awesome hair that the stars of High School Musical would envy. See? Told you he accomplished a lot so far.

Two month olds are fun. They make goofy faces and have really fun photo sessions and yet they are not quite big enough to roll over and run away just yet (muahahahaha!). The perfect age to catch a little personality! In Parker's case, its a pretty big personality.

Little ones are awesome (Parker included). They have cute wrinkly butts.

They have a distinct lack of belly button lint (and really cute belly buttons!).

They nap in cute positions.

What did I tell ya about the cute goofy faces?

Teensy tiny hands/feet/ears and stuff.

Did I mention the goofy faces?

And they just look so cute while they dream up other stuff to accomplish.

I wish they would stay this little forever, but that's why photography was invented. Keeps them tiny and sweet. I had a great time making faces with little Parker. I can't wait to see what else he accomplishes as he grows!

As always watch the slide show. Its short and sweet but he might just grow before your eyes!


b4rent14 said...

What a good looking kid. He should come out to New York and become a baby model. I know a Broncos fan in NY who wants to meet him.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Parker is the cutest baby ever!

Anonymous said...

Probably the cutest baby I've ever seen. His parents must be gorgeous :)