Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Adis and Britani- Engagement Previews

I knew from the moment I began talking to Britani about their wedding I would be working with her and Adis...we immediately clicked. These two are so incredibly sweet, fun and funny...there is no way for us to just not instantly like them! Our chat over ice cream in down town Tempe could have gone on forever and I don't think any of us would have batted an eye.

If you don't like kissing photos this isn't your post. These two are just so darned beautiful when they kiss, I just had to share a whole slew of the mushy gushy stuff. If you don't like photos of kissing you might want to consider which blog you are reading anyway :P. I can send you a link to wired, or the wall street journal or something if you don't love real people in real love.

Britani and Adis are getting hitched just three days after Kirk and my third anniversary so I can already tell its going to be a gorgeous day! I am really looking forward to it- these two are so fun and willing to play!

We had a lovely sunset shoot on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with a good bit of wind! It was a really nice afternoon to spend outside!

Vintage style color post processing just seems to fit these two, so you will be seeing a lot of it if you have not already noticed. So much fun!

I found a pretty little bird and flower texture and couldnt help myself. It is spring afterall!

I get the idea that Adis loves to make Britani laugh. Shes beautiful and especially when she laughs- she just lights up!

Her ring is beautiful!

The perfect end to a beautiful day, don't ya think? I sure am lucky to do what I do. It was a romantic, silly, fun and really enjoyable shoot- I can't wait to do it all again on their wedding day!

Watch the video, or you'll be sorry! (Do my threats actually work on any of you? Didn't think so...) It should be noted that I love this song...it makes me smile. Sadly I actually had to take images out to make it all fit. I hate when I have to do that!

PS. I am out of the office until Monday enjoying some much needed family time! We are taking my mom and my sister (who we have not seen in a few months since she moved to LA to become the amazing music artist she is) to San Diego to enjoy our favorite places. Photos when I get back, and I will try to answer emails and calls while I am gone, but I will have limited access (since Kirk has already banned me from editing or emailing...I am sneaky though!)! Sorry for any inconvenience.

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