Monday, March 30, 2009


There is nothing like returning
to a place that remains unchanged
to find the ways in which
you yourself have altered.

- Nelson Mandela (1918 - )

We really do learn a little more about ourselves every time we visit the ocean cliffs of La Jolla. That place is still my favorite place in the whole wide world. See my cheesy and a little too honest writings from a couple of years ago regarding this place here.

It really is super beautiful there.

I am home. Glad to be so and a little sad. We were greeted with great fanfare from excited puppies and friends watching them. Only slight injuries occurred while we were gone, and since they hounds had a playmate for the weekend I doubt they missed us too much.

Photos as soon as I can upload and go through them- there are about a billion of them (it was a long, exciting trip).
Some of them are insanely cute, since it was seal pupping season.

It was a wonderful weekend with my sister (who I miss terribly already), mom, and of course Kirk. Hooray for family trips. We saw baby seals/giraffes/gorillas, petted dolphins, fed slimy fish to sea lions, watched nature be nature and enjoyed sunsets. We breathed ocean air and enjoyed waves crashing into cliffs. We explored tide pools with the same gusto of the small children the next tide pool over. It was fantastic and I admit I am finding it tough to wake up in the real world again.

In other news, I will again be gone next weekend (an "emergency trip" to Kansas City, before my third trip there in two weeks for the big show. Gosh I love it there!) so you may just be missing me again. In the mean time, LOTS of editing to do for all of you, and lots of new images to create. Its gonna be a busy week!

Glad to be home- talk to all of you soon!

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