Monday, June 4, 2007

Into the Mist

This image has been hiding in my private stash for quite a while. Not terribly sure what to do with it or even if I liked it- it collected dust for a bit.

Of course, my friend Paul is right about it. It looks best in larger sizes on black.

I think the reason I was hesitant to post this, is the feelings it evokes for me personally. They were so personal and strong that I was not sure others would or could see the same beauty in it that I did. Apparently I have been proven wrong by the comments of my colleagues upon viewing the image.

As explained here: "Early morning in La Jolla- the cormorants literally fall from the cliff sides to begin their morning search for food. The sleepier individuals wait and preen on the rocks.

Watching this was honestly the most calm and peaceful thing I have ever experienced. The birds are beautiful as they glide just over the water."

La Jolla, California is easily my favorite place I have ever had the fortune to visit. If I could afford to live there, I would drop my entire life and go. I can breathe there- in a way not possible anywhere else on this earth.

Standing at the edge of the world, watching the birds and the mist roll out and into the dawn- a calm takes over. Cool sea air washes past, complimented by the sound of the waves crashing onto the sharply cliffed shoreline. If I do not turn east to see the civilized world behind me things change. I become the only one and the world solely mine.

I take off my shoes and venture out onto the edge of the cliff side to where the waves are carving new tide pools among the ones already filled with oceany inhabitants. Kirk jokes that I feel so at home because I am with other crabs (since he says I am crabby).

Regardless of the reason I go, this is my place. This is where I can go to hide from the world or to ponder its intricacies.

I can find peace when I go into the mist.

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Bonniespal said...

Wow - beautiful shot. I know what you mean about places you can breathe.

Thanks - glad I stumbled on it!