Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Double Daily and an Apology

Ok, here goes...

***I usually update at minimum M-Th. Lately I have failed slightly. I apologize for the lack of recent posts. Between the lack of new shots (camera went to Indy with the man) and lack of time due to personal and family obligations- my poor biz blog has been sadly neglected. To make up for this sad sad fact you get two today. Yipee!***

Darin and Chelsea got married last month. They got their images about a week later and all was happy. I am in love with temple weddings and would happily do nothing but them all the time given the opportunity. Hooray.

As many know, I went over my files this weekend, did a little clean up and a little messing around. I realized that I had this one sitting there still and wanted to share.

I don't think they realized I was still snapping. Standing on the side of the temple, almost finished with portraits and trying to work around harsh 1pm light and landscape that was being extensively torn up- I wound up with a gem here.

So in love, always smiling, laughing and of course kissing!

I think that if every couple were like these two....this happy and this in love and in tune with each other- the world would be a better place. Its heartwarming just to be near them.


Lately I have been taking more lighting equipment with me to shoot nature. Its hummingbird season, this years chicks are fledging into hovering jeweled swordsmen and the light really helps. Its also been putting some of my more stationary fare into a better light.

As I go out and shoot for personal enjoyment, I have learned to give myself time to study life. Patterns, shapes and functions. Intricacies. I have learned more in these explorations than I have in quite possibly all of my schooling.

One of my favorite new "Arizona Octopuses" are seed pods. The desert springs fourth millions of them this time of year. Each is symmetrical, and thoughtfully shaped for survival. They are beautiful and outlandish. Lit properly, they take on different colors and shapes as well. They are special because through all of this beauty- they have but one purpose- to give life to new plants.

People rarely take note. We decorate our homes with them in potpourri baskets and arrangements. Heck, Ikea carries them. We do not appreciate them as much as we should because they tend to take the place of springs vibrant flowers just in time for miserable summer.
But there they are... a perfect fusion of beauty and purpose if you only care to consider them.

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