Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Secret Life of Plants: Part Two

There are two parts to nearly every story, and in this case of the agave that time and fast lane runners forgot- both parts are worth telling. In my haste to beat the sunset and get some shooting time in I had mentioned that I literally snapped and ran as is generally the case when I am in a hurry. As many know, I am slowly teaching my mother the art of digital photography. Its been a long and arduous process, moving as slowly as the glaciers that surely covered the earth during her youth. She does not know computers and email is a foreign thing to her. She has trouble retaining that kind information. The digital camera is not much better. She forces me to slow down.

This is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I consider other vies and angles I would not have considered otherwise in my great haste to hit my hot spots for my favorite wildlife. On the other hand, well...she is certainly teaching me more patience.

The flower in the previous entry was toppled over, into another small tree. I had never thought to glance to the plant several feet below it to see what had given rise to one of my new favorite images.

When I did look down, I was greeted with an agave rainbow. Though its hard to see at the sizes I publish at, a wind-catching clung loosely to its spines.

Life had been accomplished. Tiny, hard to see with even the naked eye and very very delicate.

I wonder what the tiny seed will grow up to be? Will it make the journey at all? Only time will tell.

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