Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We Think.

Every photographer has that moment... You have finished what you have come to do. Once the shot list is done, the client is satisfied - you are left to your creativity to play a bit of fill in the blanks so to speak.

Or... A personal project, an art concept or open ended shoot. You go and shoot, creativity and the situation directing every frame you capture. Spontaneous yet precise.

In some cases, a couple days later, I find myself replaying things...a review of my services as it were- so that they are just a bit better the next time.

After all, once you give up and stop striving for perfection- why continue at all? You would be doing a disservice to your clients and your profession. Photography is an art and all about constant growth and breaking new boundaries.

In some cases, I think of another couple of shots I would have liked to achieve- in other cases I consider my use of light, lines and composition. In more cases still I think about great ways the image could be used and the thoughts it provokes.

The point is I think. That is really what makes a photograph.

A thought.

You think. You line up the shot in a creative or thoughtful way, you light it perfectly, your lines and composition playing off of one another. You shoot. You process and think some more. You edit...and your thought is printed for all to see. You can let your viewers into your thought. They think.

You observe. You think. You feel. You shoot the scene as is, an observer to the world around you. You process and think some more. You edit...and your thought- a scene that provoked a feeling- is printed for the viewers to see...and to experience. You can affect your viewers. You can let them in on a fleeting frozen moment and let them think.

This is what photography is...and does. Be it a portrait to portray the love of a family, or the uniqueness of an individual- or war torn- dirty drag out- photo journalism.... Photography has an incredibly profound presence in society. It shapes the way we see the world and lets moments be frozen for all to experience. We think.

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