Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Looks Can be Deceiving

Fierce. Angular. Electric. Masculine. It stares down all who oppose it. The Lamborghini Gallardo is definitely one hot looking car. Its aluminum and thermoplastic body, flawless paint and thoughtful design make it quite a looker. After that, its a disappointment in the drivers seat.

The car is worth more than I am. Its a prized icon of status and frivolity- it gets you from point a to point b- with style. Lambos and Ferraris- the lunch box cars of the 80's and every little boy now turned young man's dream.

Women would flock to them, champagne would rain from the heavens (just not on the car!!!) and life would be perfect. If only you had the cold hard cash.

An obsession. By standers flock around the super car, its power is discussed erroneously in hushed tones despite the fact that the engine is off and the car is most definitely parked. Teenage boys drool like rabid dogs and swoon like schoolgirls.

And this is Lamborghini's low end car. According to the wikipedia article, 5,000 Gallardos were built in three years- the highest production for the company. The V10 5.0L 11:1 compression engine roaring behind the drivers head is impressive on paper.

But where is the power? I will never understand the price for these cars. A Z06 corvette has similar performance and runs a faster quarter mile with less of an insurance hike and a fraction of the price tag (although I admit, their appearance is not as threatening).

At their price tag of between $175, $300,000 (plus it DRINKS premium-11mpg!!!) for the base model, I think I would rather outfit myself and select family members with the nicest Corvette on the market and have a track day.