Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I often visit San Diego with Kirk. For us, its a haven of sorts. On our last visit, I was given the opportunity to go check out the Mormon Temple that gracefully resides on a hilltop there. Needless to say, we went back later that night for some night shots.

There is something about this particular Temple I find very enjoyable...the boasts beautiful windows, an atrium and a world of class. Often mistaken by tourists for Disneyland (which is of course NOT in San Diego) this place truly does resemble a palace.

This place is interesting from any angle you can shoot it in, in any light. Its exterior is tastefully groomed and covered with blooming plants. During this visit, they had just added Christmas lights to the palm trees on the walk up to the temple, though they had yet to be illuminated for the season. I am very very sad to say we missed that part.

The cool ocean breeze reaches you when you walk the campus there, and people are very friendly- strolling along in couples and family groups. Many stop to take photographs. Garden snails can be seen lazily meandering the side walks and planters.

The most interesting part about this Temple though, is the way that it glows. Intelligently lit, they use search lights pointed at the building at night, concealed in innocuous concrete structures on the edge of the property. Unless you are really looking for them, they are hard to find.

The Temple also glows from the inside. In my archives somewhere I have a day time photograph of the sun setting through the stained glass windows. It is as though it is setting inside the Temple. A similar effect occurs in the evening when they light the interior of the building. It becomes a beacon on its hill top. I wonder how many Californians look up to see it every night - like wisemen following it home.

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Penny said...

you are not allowed to be a good photographer AND a good writer! :P

so pretty!