Thursday, May 24, 2007

Black and White Revival

Much to my dismay, this weekend I will be left to my own devices...and camera-less. Kirk is going to the Indy 500 with his dad and brothers (hoo boy!) and since hes been good I am lending him my camera and glass due to their superiority over his as well as my faster/larger memory cards. Commence happy because hes going to have a great time, and pouting because I will be sad and alone with nothing to entertain me.

So what on earth will I do with all my spare time and my itchy shutter finger?

Re edit. Due to my new infatuation with the happy replies on flickr, and some new techniques I am messing with- it gives me something constructive to do. Theres a gold mine on my RAID array- and I intend to pillage and purge.

These two are from an older studio shoot I did at Sarah's request so that she and her friends could get promo model jobs. It worked for them, but I never really played with the images. I processed them and tossed them at the girls to use without a second thought.

Now that I am going back and playing with them (and other older shoots) I am finding a veritable wonderland of stuff to edit and mess with- and stuff I will never ever do anything with that is just taking up space.

This weekend will be my black and white revival. Back to simplicity- and back to fresh edits. A chance to clean up and turn old images into new and exciting ones. Hooray!

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to go shooting this weekend, sorry. Its going to have to wait until Tuesday. I hope for Kirk's sake he has good images for me to play with when he gets back- for him its a trip of a lifetime.

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