Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Illusive Arizona Octopus

Living in the desert is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I have something very different scenery wise than most of my fellow photographers and a curse because its all quite similar sometimes. Sharp, dully colored and well...the same. I suppose this happens to everyone- I just am not one to lie down and take it. My solution? Hunt the illusive "Arizona Octopus".
What is an Arizona octopus? Glad you asked. No, the image above you does not contain a sea creature that decided to move to the desert- though it is the image that inspired the phrase. An Arizona octopus is a subject that while common place in my environment (as this agave certainly is) appears to be something foreign and different.

This practice is an important one for anyone who loves to document their world with a camera. No two people have quite the same view of the world, and if we all took photographs of the same thing, life would be quite mundane. Instead we find new and interesting ways to present everyday things. A new view, new light and new life.

Every day, I hunt the Arizona octopus. Something the same but different to shoot...something new to give me life. What do you hunt in your life?

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