Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Secret Life of Plants

Its magic hour. I have an itchy shutter finger and insist on dragging poor Kirk, sans his camera , to go do some shooting. As we drive I am racing the sun. Precious moments left ...I hope my flash holds out. Humans are fast creatures. We live for ticking clocks, moments and numbers.
I almost walked right by it, in my hurry to go nowhere and everywhere in my quest for light and a release from the photographic demons in my head.

But there the agave sat, stem so heavy with its alien like flowers that it had doubled over onto a nearby cactus. It was not preoccupied with time, its appearance or current events. Its only purpose and only care was life, and the continuance of life. Quiet. Calm. The world stopped for a tiny fraction of a second while the shutter released. A single shot and I was back to my rush, my ambition.

The agave paid no notice.

The secret life of this plant goes on. Quiet. Calm.

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