Monday, April 30, 2007

The Littlest Cowgirl

Living in the southwest, equine sport and competition is commonplace here. This includes the annual Scottsdale Arabian Show- where all manner of enthusiasts, young and old are encouraged to compete.

As I sat blankly observing the holding pen near the entrance of the main arena, the kids on their arabians lined up for the western pleasure competition I watched a very serious young lady line up with her colleagues.

Her horse was decked to the nines in fine silver traditional western tack. Both rider and horse matched stunningly. As the girl, no more than ten years old, rode her horse into the arena to compete, they moved as one. Graceful and confident, the two danced a ballet of trust and precision.

I have no idea how they placed that day. The stream of ribbon winners each day exceeded the hundreds. I do know that they did themselves and horsemanship proud... a picture of friendship and beauty.

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