Thursday, April 5, 2007

Infrared Fun

I have to admit, I sometimes have more fun with less than conventional use of techniques. By looking at my site, it should be obvious to you that I favor the use of vibrant color to the drama of black and white (though both have their place). However, when setting up an image in monochrome, I find that the infrared style of editing can be very strong.

Its not to say that color infrared does not have its uses, it absolutely does...but something about this technique gives me a bit more pop in my black and white.

As I am taking full advantage of spring and booking quite a lot of shoots as well as art projects of my own, expect to see a bit more of this. Its different, and when this technique is paired with others, the results can be powerful.

I like this image because it reminds me of one of those Japanese paintings, delicately brushed on to silk. In reality, it was a starling sitting in a tree about 15 feet in front of me- covered in yellow blooms that have been the cause of my allergies as of late. I will gladly sneeze for opportunities to play with images like this.

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