Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Pitter Patter of Little Claws

Thats how you find them. You hear them rustle through the underbrush, thoroughly unafraid of you. The move back and fourth, searching for food, sunning themselves and enjoying life as a lizard.

This time of year however, you find them often in pairs, common as pigeons are in a city, anywhere where wild habitat has been left alone. You see, May is baby Spiny Desert Lizard season.

Their coloration seems to vary wildly from individual to individual, each animal completely unique. Where there is one you will always find more close by, and they certainly are not camera shy.

This male sunned himself on his rock for several minutes, occasionally shifting or posing differently, carelessly watching us watch him. Occasionally he would scurry down from his post to pluck an insect from the ground below.

When another lizard comes within view, he puffs himself up big and does push ups. Almost instantly we hear the pitter patter of little claws and the intruder scurries away- the king of the rock is victorious again.

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