Friday, April 13, 2007

Small Wonders

Its the little things in life that so often seem to go unnoticed. Small wonders, created only for those who take the time to observe them. While others may just pass by, beauty seemingly invisible, I choose to take notice.Due to the more than lovely weather as of late, I have taken to leisurely garden strolls, often in the company of friends. On this particular day, as my companions goofed off and skipped down the trail, I noticed a bit of soft pink out of the corner of my eye.

There is a lot of pink in the desert right now. With so many native plants blooming, its not uncommon to find in in the cactus and wildflowers that grace the local desert landscape.

This caught my eye however, because of its tiny unassuming stature. Growing below a thick bush, a tiny cactus had been flowering, completely unnoticed by the majority of passers by.
The plant itself was about as big around as my thumb and not much longer....the bloom was equally minuscule- but perfect.

As I lay on the ground with my camera to get a shot, I don't think my companions even glanced back...they knew I would catch up...I always do. Because of this tiny cactus flower, my experience was changed that day- different from the experiences of the others who had walked the same trail before me.

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