Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pink Lady

It was a pink car- and I do mean PINK. My little sister and Barbie herself would have been proud. The car every little girl imagines while playing pretend and dress up! The paint was metallic and smooth with a opalescent effect. Under the rain water it seemed to be pure liquid. Each inch of chrome smooth and slick, trim all in place...she was flawless.Clean new whitewalls and a spotless white rag top- this car was a ladies dream. The queen of Cadillacs. While I normally won't photograph a car in the process of being rained on, this one was one of the few cars that was a staggering exception.

I will admit, I hate to see a clean let alone vintage car rained on. Some of them however, seem to glow on a gloomy day. Every now and again I find one like that...where the rain droplets almost enhance the look of the car- reinforcing its personality. Usually such cars are spotted at Barrett Jackson- not in a parking lot.

I took a small set of images of this car. Out of all of them, I have to admit, this was not my favorite. However this image shows what makes a Cadillac of this caliber oh so recognizable. Show me a little fin, baby! All fin, all personality, all lady.

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