Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Where There is Life....

Where there is life, there is often more life. Within one of the largest, oldest saguaros I have ever seen, a small platform at the joining of two arms grew. Over the years it seems, this platform has collected the dirt and dust that regularly takes to the air in the desert.

In this dust and dirt, another life begins to take form. A smaller cactus, found close to the ground in the rest of the park, is seen growing- thriving even- in this unlikely environment. A single pink flower begins to bloom on the cactus. The saguaro seems not to mind.

Relationships such as this unlikely one, when found in nature make you stop. You are almost forced to sit silently and observe the natural cooperation of the organisms involved. There is something very beautiful and sacred about little miniature miracles like this. Ultimately it affects nothing outside of its participants, yet it has a profound impact on observers.

As I sat observing the intricacies of the relationship, I couldn't help but smile. Something about it was open, honest and completely unassuming. Amazing.

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