Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sepia Sweet

Recently, it has come to my notice that there is a serious lack of photographers utilizing sepia tones to their full potential. Why is this? The world may never know for sure, but allow me to speculate.

Color images are loved for their vibrant hues and black and whites are adored for their artistic simplicity and ability to convey strong messages. Where does that leave the warm, mapley sepia? Many consider this style only when thinking about early images or western style images- the ones you get dressed up silly for at the state fair. However, this sugary style has its own sweet points.

Sepia images convey warmth along with the emotion and drama of a black and white- all the while giving you a little something thats hard to place- something different and a little lighter than its monochromatic counterpart.

With the versitility allowed by todays digital imaging, I am counting the days until this style comes back a little more. There are many ways to accomplish the look and more than a few ways to customize it to fit your your image, your home and your life.

If you feel yourself ever needing something light and warm in an image- consider playing with sepias- We all could do with a little something sweet in our lives.

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