Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Narcissistic Fred

Though lately I have been seriously strapped for time, I decided that since I had business that direction anyway to visit Patricia and Dutch on their ranch last Saturday. As usual, I was not disappointed. Being birdy breeding season, the peahens were on eggs and the males were displaying up a storm.This time of year is a great time to view and photograph peacocks- the males have big full trains and are actively displaying- a lot! Fred is no different.

Fred is Dutch and Patricia's "yard peacock" along with his mate, Mary who is brooding eggs next to the aviaries. While the rest of the birds are tucked into large aviaries to keep the birds in and the predators out- you can't contain Fred. He struts the yard, and leaps to the roof top- and at night roosts in the biggest tree in the yard. He and Mary (along with a few others) are tame and trustworthy.

Fred spent most of my visit displaying in the yard- to no one in particular. Mary was tucked away brooding her eggs- the rest of the hens were away in their pairs and trios.

Fred was displaying for beauty's sake alone.

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