Sunday, July 1, 2007

Its Not Easy Being Pink

My friend Gina and I recently spent an early morning at the zoo. This time of year, if you are not into air conditioning by noon or so, you melt- so morning was our only option. Fortunately, as the zoo opens at an ungodly hour this time of year, this worked out nicely for us.

As we sat, observing the flamingos up to their knees in mud and loving it we were fortunate enough to observe a symphony of flock behaviors. Fighting, preening, feeding, and more.

You could almost make out the cliques. It was like looking at a pink feathered high school in some ways.

Off a ways into the shade, a few of the larger and more colorful individuals fed and rested. On the other end, in the grassy area where the little wimpy pondy area was the younger and smaller individuals congregated.

Gina and I, both more than a couple of years removed from high school watched the situation and considered what the flamingos were thinking.

The truth of the matter is, its not easy being pink, and every species has its own society to climb up.

As the keeper drove up with the food, an excitement blew through the flock. Turns out that social classes no longer matter- at least not when breakfast is on the line.

As we finished our circle around the flamingo habitat, the masses were resettling into their respective groups. I guess some things never change.


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