Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Walk in the Rain with the Waits

The weather was foreboding. A self proclaimed worry wart, two days ahead I was eyeing the forecast by the hour. When Malia had originally contacted me to book her session, I had no availability for a month- and now it was going to rain on the day I had been able to get her family session in.

Luckily, she and her sweet little family don't mind a little mud.

Mud, rain, and all the lovely things that come with it pose a little disruption to my usual lighting and shooting methods. Somehow it made this session all the more special. Rather than the usual posed approach to family portraits, we settled on a photojournalistic walk in the rain.

Malia invited me to photograph her family in their own neighborhood. The very same one she grew up in. Her sister lives next door, parents down the road, and they know just about everyone in the area. Their world is tucked away just off a major road in suburbia- but you would miss it if you weren't looking. Dozens of little ranches in the middle of miles of tract homes and shopping centers- beautifully quiet and populated with chickens. A little secret slice of rural life.

The little man of the family, Preston, turned three on Monday (Happy Birthday little guy!). As such there was the prerequisite shyness at the beginning of the session- but it turned into smiles, huge grins and giggles later! He's quite cute when he pouts too.

Their neighbors llama Dolly (Dolly Llama- get it? hehe) got in on the action too!

I get the idea Preston really likes horses. He was way into the neighbors beautiful Clydesdales. I thought he was going to go right through the fence for a moment.

Aren't they sweet? It was a different and challenging session (rain and all..since when does it rain in AZ?!?)- but I had a blast playing in puddles with the Waits!

With that said- I am out of town again on location for a shoot until next Tuesday! Please be patient with emails/phone calls! I have limited access and will try my best to get back to you! Have an AWESOME week!

Watch their slide show- its a shorter one but I just love it!

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