Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grab a cup of tea and lets catch up a little!

Last night I went to go visit with Kirk's cousin Jennifer and her daughter Jocie and son Harrison (they are awesome and hilarious and if you give Jocie a cupcake she gets frosting everywhere- including her eye lashes!). Dragged along a camera and a light because well...last time I photographed her son Harrison, he was tiny and in a bucket and why not?

Fathers day is coming up. Dads like pictures just as much as moms do!

Sadly my bulb in my soft box finally bit the dust like 10 shots in (and working with a kid under one and a three year old means only so many of those shots were viable) but before it did, I managed to catch this gem:

Harrison would giggle and be smiley right until the camera was up to my face...and then do this. What a face! I absolutely love it. The boy can pout!

He's usually such a happy little guy so the sourpuss face was definately far from the norm for him. I promise I was not pinching him (regardless of what his sister tells you...shes three remember?) or otherwise annoying the baby. Its just tough to be a little guy having a photo taken. All the same, I love visiting with these guys- they are so much fun!

On a completely different note- I admit I have been holding out on you guys. I have a beautiful wedding to show you from last weekend...but we are holding off until we do their off site shoot on Sunday. I swear, its like keeping a juicy secret and its killing me.

In other news Kirk is leaving tomorrow for the Indianapolis 500 with the men in his family and will be gone until Tuesday. They go every year and something awesome always happens. Last year it was a private tour of AG racing with one of their head engineers. This year? Who knows.

Hopefully he will have LOTS of great photos to share when he gets back, and maybe I can coerce him into guest blogging (because you know you want to see fast cars and photos of whatever cool stuff happens in the midwest). Hes taking a point and shoot since the stands are so packed and I won't let him take the 5D or the 5D Mark II, but previous years have not dissapointed.

While Kirk is gone I am going to shoot, edit, work on the website and be otherwise productive...(having the girls over for chocolate cupcakes and chick flicks is productive right?) so it should be a very positive and enjoyable holiday weekend. I can't wait!

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Brittany said...

Where did you get that fabulous chair! It is AMAZING! Not to mention Harrison is adorable! Love the photo, its beautiful!