Friday, December 5, 2008

Sick Photographer

Being sick is the least fun thing ever. Being sick off and on for three weeks however, just plain sucks.

Thats right...three weeks.

Two bouts of that nasty two day flu thingy which my mom and Kirk seem to insist has got to be something more than flu because they were a week apart and then a whole week long nasty respiratory thing knocks me just a smidge behind (hard to edit while you are hacking your brains out/seeing through the medicated goggles).

I have been careful not to share my germs, and before anyone with the motherly instincts asks, yes, I have been getting lots of sleep, drinking fluids and taking medicine.

Ain't it grand?

At this point I have been sick enough in the past 30 days to hopefully get a break for then next six months and not get sick again. Right? Right.

On the upside it appears I am on the mend, so there should be lots of exciting stuff here this weekend. I hope. There are oodles of discs leaving the office this weekend too. Hooray!

I apologize for any delays this bit of whining and hacking has caused. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Since you read my entire pity party rant, heres a photo of a broadbilled hummingbird to entertain you!


Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

I'm so sorry you have still been sick... I'm headed to urgent care in 10 min to make sure I don't have strep. tis the season...

get well soon!

RedFeather said...

I am already much better- thanks. Hope you don't have awful!