Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby Calla!

You may recall April and Duane's maternity session back in October. Their little one is finally here! Shes an absolute angel, and so incredibly beautiful that you would swear the angel wings are real.

I got a chance to meet her last night. I am so very happy for April and Duane and their family! What a sweet little lady!

As a photographer, I am so grateful to have friends like April and Duane who let me play and be creative. It absolutely makes my day. I was up until 2am editing because I just. could. not. stop.

Can ya blame me? Yeah, I thought not.

We used the same butterflies and flowers from the maternity session!

Calla has so much hair! So pretty!

This hat was so big on her! Adorable.

Look what a little sweetheart she is! She was so good. She didn't get upset even once, even with all of our harassing and photo taking.

And of course, my absolute favorite. I had these wings custom made a while ago, but it seems no one wants photos of baby boys in fairy wings...but they are beautiful on Calla!

She's so sweet! Check out her slide show:

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