Thursday, October 2, 2008

April + Duane- Maternity Portraits

Many of you will remember April and Duane- or at least their engagement and wedding photos. If you need a refresher, they are the couple on the home page at

Fast forward to today, a little more than a year after their wedding. They are still as in love as the day we met them- and their family is growing!

It was such a fun session! April looked absolutely gorgeous! She has the most perfect baby belly ever! Duane was so sweet too- he did all the putting together of letters, tying of bows and a belly kiss that could make a popsicle's heart melt. Seriously- a photographer's dream.

This is going to be one beautiful baby I tell ya- just wait and see. I am so happy for April and Duane- how exciting!

Post work has been really a blast for this session. It felt like a sepia shoot to me, so I think I will share plenty of those. This is just a little sneak peek- there were soooo many good ones.

On to the photos and slide show darned it!

As I said, Duane did the bow tying and crafty craftering...talented isn't he?

Seriously, is your heart melting yet?

Duane made April laugh. A bit of an out take, but I loved it too much not to share...

April and Duane are BIG basketball could'nt be left out!

We let Duane have a little fun at the end. He was such a good sport!

See the full preview slide show by clicking below! Enjoy!


Brittany Kristin Calkins said...

Kate! Another fabulous shoot! They look AMAZING! It is so fun to see what happens to the couples after their wedding day!

Latisha said...

That was soooooo beautiful Duane. I loved it!!! You have such a beautiful wife! Congratulations you two!!!! - Your favorite student