Saturday, December 20, 2008

Color and Light

I am insanely happy for no particular reason at all, which is a beautiful way to feel.

I could see my breath as I hauled my gear into the car. I giggled as I shivered because I kinda like chilly mornings.

I spent a morning with friends in the garden and clickity flashed my way through the first part of my day. There was an afternoon nap (needed it I swear!), there was watching my Kirk help hang my mom's Christmas lights.

There was editing. There were new actions. There was joy. There was a day overflowing with happiness. There was a Costco trip and a kid movie.

There was color and light.

I hope your day was happy too. While we are on the subject of happy- go check out the color and light at the botanical gardens right now. It will make you happy too.


Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

that picture is amazing! are you going to put it on etsy?

RedFeather said...

Thanks Jennifer! Probably not, no. I limit what I have on etsy and what I offer up for art prints. Because this is an image of someone else's art, I just wanted to share and hopefully spark some interest in his show at the garden. It's incredible!