Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let's talk about your Digital Negatives!

Lots and lots of questions lately, so I thought I would take this opportune moment to have a heart to heart with everyone and no one in particular about our Digital Negative files. This is important information. Please take a moment to read this and please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are happy to help!

Many photographers these days do not offer digital files in order to protect their copyright and their business. We believe you should have your photos for a little personal use. They are after all your photos! So, with any shoot you do with us, family portraits, wedding, get a disc of fully edited images! Keep in mind we DO retain all copyrights on the images.

Whats on the disc?

Generally there are a few things:

A folder of high resolution files

A folder of lower resolution smaller web sized files with a little border at the bottom (not always but usually. If for some reason your disc does not have this feature (its a recent addition) just let me know and we will get you a set if you like to share online)

A release notification with information about what you can (and can't) do with these files.

So what can you do?

Well, quite a few things. The files are yours for personal use. You can print them if you wish (though we can ALWAYS supply you with archival professional prints, far superior to most consumer labs) at any time.

You can share them online on facebook, your blog, email to grandma, whatever...we just ask that you use the websized ones for copyright protection for all involved and give proper photo credit. You will notice, we use the exact same files for posting online too! Please let us know if you need any help sharing online...we are happy to assist!

You can scrapbook with them, digitally or traditionally. Have holiday cards made. Make a slideshow for personal use (again we can help with a professional one if you like). Use images as your desktop background at home or work. Send prints to grandma. Make wedding favors. Send them out with invitations. You catch the drift.

So whats off limits?

Copying the disc for family and friends and whoever. We all like to share but this is a matter of quality control, and copyright management. Additional copies are available from us, but in order to keep the quality and track who has the rights to use them for personal use, we reserve the right to make and distribute discs.

Derivative works. Because it reflects on our work, you may not alter or re-edit the images without written consent. Our work is not done once the shutter has been released. There is so much more that we do to produce the final product! We work hard to make sure you get all versions of each image. If there is something else you want in an edit, just ask! Derivative works like portrait to painting etc are only allowed with written permission. We will work with you, but its not included in the current release in order to protect copyrights and quality of our work. You can not use them in commercial derivitve works either.

Commercial use. Since while you have release to use them personally but do not own the copy rights to the images, you can not sell the images commercially. Hopefully this one makes sense.

We want you to enjoy your images! Please if you have any questions at ALL about what is allowed or not allowed by the release or need help with great ways to share and use your images, contact us!

And because we know no boring (but important) informational post would be complete without a pretty picture, Mr. Butterfly thanks you for your attention to this important message.

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