Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mini Session: The Cutest Four Pack on Earth!

On Sunday, in addition to our morning in the groves with Kirk's family, Jennifer invited her good friend Barbara for a little mini session in the groves, since we were already there...and we are so glad she did!

This is Barbara. Isn't she pretty?

Barbara has four...thats right FOUR adorable kiddos...who happen to share the same birthday. They are gorgeous and sweet and I can not even believe what a cute little family they are! Seriously, these kids are just beautiful!

Meet Mario. I love his sweet little smile...what a doll!

And Jade. This girlie was so spunky and outgoing!

And Olivia. She was so cute and shy...and she has such pretty eyes!

And Mr. Samuel! Hes such a smiley guy- I think he had at least an impish smirk in every shot!

The kids were angels. While mini sessions are perfect for younger ones, these guys were great! Gotta love sisters who love each other!

And the boys were just too cool!!! Get a load of these handsome gents!

Are they not an incredibly beautiful family? I just love them to pieces!

Since it was a mini session, just a few previews, and no slide show. That's all ya get for now! Can't give it all away can I? But trust me, these guys are as sweet as their Halloween candy!


Brittany Kristin Calkins said...

So cute.. I was like how could they have the same birthday then it hit me... I'm a little slow!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

hahaha brit you are so funny, slow is cute- don't worry!

Barb LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! oh ya, and the kids are pretty cute too!