Monday, November 3, 2008

Generations in the Groves

I am not exactly sure where I want to go with this post. Its hard to say. There are just some sessions you dream about and day dream about afterwards and it gets you lost for words. You will have to bear with me...

I can still close my eyes and can see warm morning light, the kids joyfully running through the trees giggling and playing. A family, three generations of family, just joyful to be together on a beautiful Sunday morning. Its peaceful and timeless.

The truth is this family is one great tree in the grove of Kempton. The big family I had always wanted and finally got when I married Kirk. One thing is for sure, it sure is a change of pace from my little less-than-ten-people-extended-family I had come from.

I am still learning names. Still learning stories. After all, Kirk has ten aunts and uncles, each with children of their own many of whom have their own children. Its a grove of a family, each part its own great tree that branches out and intertwines. Those I know very well I love very much. Those I don't know very well yet, I still love very much.

I may never learn every name, every story. There are new little branches every year. All I know is I am lucky to be among them in the grove.

I admit, I was thrilled when Jennifer got in touch with me. Over a couple days the whole family joined in and pieced together times and a fantastic ( me anyway) location. It came together beautifully. The kids were fantastic...and the grown ups were pretty good too. There is an incredible amount of love in this family.

I will be editing these images over the next couple weeks. There were dozens of great ones...buckets of them even. I can not wait to share the final images- I am so excited I feel like my heart just may burst. In the mean time, a handful of previews, skimmed from my favorites will have to do.

So here are some photos for Chuck and Charlene, and their kids Jennifer, Megan, Rhonda, Austin and even that guy whose name rhymes with Dirt (and anyone else who just loves beautiful autumn morning photos of beautiful families). As always you can click them to see them a little bigger.

This was not the most perfect photo of the grand kids and Chuck and Charlene, but I just can't get over Charlene's laugh. Its so beautiful.

Watch the slide show too would ya? Its a great way to see them. Family, if you guys want the slide show for your blog just email me and I will send you the code and instructions.

I really hope you love them as much as I do.


Curt said...

That was incredible. I wish I had 1/10th of your talent! We are so grateful for such beautiful pictures of our family... It's never been done before!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

I hate when dirt beats me to a comment... but you have to get up pretty early to beat him out!

Kate they are soooooo beautiful! I just want to stay home from work and look at them all day. Thank you!!!!


Brittany Kristin Calkins said...

These are BEAUTIFUL! Plus I had no idea Chuck and Charlene had so many Grand kids... I guess living in stupid Utah for 5 years will do that to you!

Dang girl so cute!

Mindy said...

really great pictures Kate! Sorry it's been so hard to connect. I'd love to see you. Call Me!ble