Monday, November 10, 2008

An Autumn Ramble

For those of you who just come here for the shiny photos...let me get that one outta the way so you can move on with your busy day...

I love autumn. Crisp, cool air and that someone-is-burning-the-dust-outta-a-chimney-somewhere smell. Somewhere in this state there is some pretty yellow growing into the trees. Daily packages arrive from my vendors- holiday orders from clients...or even little parcels containing holiday shopping for my own family. The bits and pieces of family spread all over the country, are drawn back together via magnetic force, airplanes and magic. The whispers of Christmas music are starting to play in the stores and soon Christmas cards will start to appear in the mailbox. Daily trips to the post office to mail some sort of goody to somebody. Weddings on the weekends.

The dogs plead with me not to make them go outside in the morning and come back in with cold ears. We all snuggle with Kirk that extra five minutes after the alarm goes off, begging not to have to put bare feet on chilly tile. I don't have to feel guilty making my favorite tea or hot chocolate. Warm blankets and deep sleep. I can notice each day the shades of the evening light getting a little bit cooler. Time zones flop back wards in places where they are crazy enough to want to save daylight, so I can call my out of town friends to chat just a little bit later.

I can break out my favorite fuzzy sweater, and on really cold days a funky scarf. I go Christmas shopping and lunching with my mom. I take family portraits of dozens of happy families, dressed the same but different, eyes sparkling. They will send my photos to their loved ones this year.

Apple cider and fall break. The kids next door play touch football in the park across the street. We go for late night walks just to breathe in the cold air. Maybe if I am lucky this year, we will see snow in the Superstitions again. Then I can go photograph snow covered cactus for Glenn and his friend who loves saguaros.

I love this last bit of every year. Maybe I am savoring being young and happy, maybe its just the change in the weather, or the hope and joy that the conclusion of one year and the beginning of another bring.

Either way...I love autumn and wish it would never ever end.

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