Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photographers- A little something shiny!

...and other people who like pretty things too. Look what I found!

Its a pretty, photographer themed scrabble pendant.

Aren't ya jealous? Don't you want one in your stocking from Santa this year? Isn't it purty? I figured it would be great to wear to shoots and shows and PPA and whenever...maybe it will even spark conversations about photography!

Plus, I will look smashing, and adorable, and all that fun stuff! Mine happens to be a T for Terrific (or something...mebbe I should have requested a K for Kool and Kate...).

If you want one too (and you know you do, because all the cool kids are wearing them) go get one! They are inexpensive, handmade with love (I bet you could even ask for extra love) and shiny!

They are from a shop called Home Studio on Etsy. Even if you are not a photographer, they have lots of other pretty desings. (Hmmm I wonder if they would like to use some pretty art prints for them...I know where they could get some pretty pictures ;) ). If you are a photographer and you have to have the cute little vintage camera too, I call dibs on Pink!

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Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

I heart etsy and their fun finds! I got caught up in her store from your referal, so cute!!!