Sunday, March 18, 2007

Carousel Horses

Alright, let me first admit that today I cheated. Its a pair of images. I am sorry and I know you are horribly sad that my title is misleading- but they are just better together. Think of them like peanut butter and chocolate.

The state fair arrives in Arizona around October. Its about the perfect time. We usually have tolerable weather and a lower chance of fatal sunburn during that particular section of the year.

The fair here is an interesting collections of sights, sounds, smells and textures and tastes (deep fried coca cola anyone...ewww). For a photographer- things couldn't be better. You get an interesting environment with a bunch of stuff going on, the opportunity to play with different light situations than you usually use and maybe some icecream.

One of my favorite things there is the carousel horses. There is something about them... Maybe its the fact that they bring me back to being a little girl and laughing hysterically at a simple ride that has been around seemingly since the dawn of time. Perhaps its that they are beautiful and artistic creations, each unique in its own way.

These two shots in particular were taken late one evening as I was on my way out. Children have left the fair grounds since it was rather late on a school night, so it was prime time to photograph this childhood classic. If you were wondering, parents don't usually like you using a big scary camera and lense when their precious baby, though not in the shot, might have its soul stolen by your sensor.

Of all of my fair images, I have a special place in my heart for this particular set. They capture the mood and feel of the fair perfectly- as if to say that each time I look at them, I am there again- a five year old little girl happily giggling and waving at adoring parents waiting for me to finish the ride of a lifetime.

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