Friday, March 30, 2007

Her Superman

More and more these days, weddings seem to be the bread and butter of the photography industry. You almost have no choice, if you are going to stay afloat you have to do weddings. For me, this is enjoyable. I love the textiles, the colors, the people watching. I love reflecting a couples love for each other in their images.

What I love most however, is getting to know my wedding clients as a couple. I meet the most amazing people this way, and count myself very blessed for the opportunity.

Chelsea and Darin were so sweet with each other that it almost left a sugary taste in your mouth. I rarely see a couple giggle and play so much together. These two were absolutely, no doubt in my mind, made for one another.

Referred to me by a family member who helped design custom invitations for the pair, these two happen to be one of those couples I am truly excited about working with. Their wedding is just under one month away. There is a fun sort of ease about them. They very clearly mean the world to one another.

"Pick her up like superman" I prompted as they stood in front of my favorite giant LOVE sculpture. And he did.

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