Friday, March 23, 2007

Macro Macaw

I regularly provide pet portraits for loving owners and pet enthusiasts. I specialize in birds, a pet which many photographers continually fail with. As a parrot owner myself, I feel that I have a specific understanding with them that other photographers do not, as well as the ability to better predict their movements and anticipate poses.

On other occasions, I see things in a way that others don't.

As a professional, this is something I strive for and pride myself on. In this particular instance what caught my eye was the yellow band of wing coverts on a very sweet scarlet macaw. The bird stood perfectly still and simply watched as I approached nearer than most are accustomed to with the camera, lens and ever so scary flash bracket.

He continued to sit still as I did a careful study of the finer points and structure of his beautifully colored feathers.

The result was this image, among others of this stunning creature. People do not appreciate parrots as much as I feel that they should. There's a saying that often goes around zoos and ecological institutions..."You only save what you love". I feel that this is incredibly true. In the wild these birds, and the majority of parrot species are severely threatened or endangered. Some are virtually extinct.

Stop and look closely, even at this minute detail. Tell me you do not want to make sure that this creature is still flying wild when your great great grandchildren roam the earth.

Natures flying jewels, once in great danger of habitat loss as well as poaching and smuggling (primarily because of those gorgeous colors we all love) is now being restored. Through protective laws and breeding programs, these species are now slowly being replenished in the wild.

I am incredibly captivated by these creatures. I hope that through my images, others might be too.

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