Friday, March 16, 2007

The Equine Escape

On nice days like today, I am reminded that it has been far far too long since I have been up to my friend Patricia's ranch. I love that place- its a literal desert oasis. In the middle of what could be considered BFE, where coyotes and hawks easily outnumber people, there is this little ranch. They have a lush yard overflowing with flowers and a pretty rose garden. Chickens run all over the place and there are even two free roaming peacocks (in addition to her others in the aviaries). Its nice. Time seems to just stop when you are there and life becomes incredibly tranquil.

There is a small wash on the property and across it, they keep burros, the occasional beef cattle or swine, and the horses. My friend Deb boards her arabian and her thoroughbred up there and they also have a mustang, another arabian and a cute flea bitten grey named Festus.

Occasionally they board others and at the moment there is another pair up there. The gelding in that pair is Rio- whose breed I can not recall at the moment...welsh maybe? He is the subject of today's image.

I grew up riding so its only natural that I still love it. If you have ever visited my gallery, you also know that I love photographing them.

There is something about equines that makes them very appealing. They are often very calm, loving creatures with beautiful movements and graceful form. They are also occasionally a symbol of strength and power...nothing quite like working a 17 hand horse in the round pen and feeling the ground tremble beneath you as he gallops.

This particular horse had something different about him. He had the most incredibly deep eyes I had ever seen, and a mane that could only be described as amazing. His coloring and markings were flawless, truly a unique animal. Beyond all that, he would put himself in your pocket if you would let him (hence the very close shot...he insisted on being right on top of me!).

You may notice, if you are a photo aficionado, that this particular image is very heavily saturated. This is something done intentionally...the image came to life once this change was made. I have to admit, I don't usually bump up my saturation- but this image was made for it. It made the highlights and shadows pop and put his color much closer to his 'in person' look.

I need to get up to the ranch again soon...its been a few months and I would love a chance to play with the horses again. Time goes by so fast these days...I rarely get my chance to escape to someplace where things slow down I can just enjoy the world around me.

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