Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Twisted Tree

Recently, Kirk and I took a small hiatus to Tucson. Funny how when we lived there, we were incredibly desperate for the considerably more lively and modern Phoenix, and then when we are in Phoenix, we are desperate for the solace of somewhere more natural. The grass is always greener on the other side of our fence.

On our recent trip, we enjoyed several of the delights of our old college haunt. We visited the Desert Museum, ate at our favorite little dive and drove up Mt. Lemmon.

It had been a while since we had taken this drive, so we casually drove part way up, despite snow warnings at the 12 mile marker. After all we had no intentions of visiting Summerhaven.

As is our tradition we drove up to the main lookout point instead- stopping at every smaller one on the way to take photos. Mt. Lemmon is unique in that its terrain is varied, and it is still in the recovery stages from a severe wildfire a few years ago. Very haunting habitat.

Today's image is of one of the winding trees that was damaged in the wildfire. Things are growing back nicely but for stretches, you still see scorched plant life that happened to be large enough to still be standing so long after the fires have stopped ravaging the mountain side.

I rarely find an image I like better in black and white than in color, but this is one that just spoke to me.

It was very chilly when we reached the best look out point on the side of the mountain. So chilly in fact that Kirk stayed in the car for the most part and it was really mostly just me, the camera and tripod. We have some great panoramas of the mountain range and sunset from this lookout- the city of Tucson resting quietly below. I will share those another day.

For now, this image serves as a reminder of the fortitude of nature and the fragile balance we are all a part of.

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