Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Little Blue Corvette

Although I seem to constantly drive imported vehicles I have always had a love affair with the classic corvette. I think that may have been part of my reasoning that inspired my love of the Opel GT, along with its historical significance with my family. This fondness for what is arguably Chevrolet's best car of all time seems to span my entire extended family, culminating primarily in my husbands recent trip to Bowling Green with his father to watch his new C6 be built. Sadly, I am not a big fan of silver on such a hot car, but at least Glenn went wild with the ever so sexy red interior.

However, this one particular specimen has always caught my eye. Something about a second generation corvette in beautiful sky blue- all original says the owner, who regularly attends the Pavillions event. Maybe it makes me feel like I am traveling in a time machine but something about this car makes my heart pitter patter every time I see it.

The exquisite lines of this car and flawless chrome that mirror reflects the beautiful details of the tail lights is almost too much to bear. It wears its badging proudly, almost like its knows what an integral part of Americas heritage it is. This is the epitome of cars.

Modern cars do not share the painstaking care, and beautiful design that this beautiful example of a corvette boasts. Sure, they have tv's in the back seat, never leak fluids and have lush interiors. I don't need all that. Give me some beautiful clean chrome, and a car with some shape to it and some real trim. Give me something with every tiny detail in place- not for my comfort but for beauty, style and grace. Give me a classic.

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